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Tips to Help Manage Difficult Team Members

At one point or another, every manager has dealt with employees who are difficult (to put it mildly). It’s an unfortunate inevitability every business leader confronts at some point in their career. Not every team member can be a superstar or work at peak productivity. But effective lean leaders have to learn to contend with […]

What is a Forced Habit, and How it Can Change Wasteful Behaviours

Unsurprisingly, habits — or learned behaviours — drive many of our actions on a daily basis. There are studies that show that up to 40 per cent of our behaviours are driven by our pre-existing habits. A force of habit is defined as a behaviour that is made involuntary by automatic or repeated practice. This […]

What is the Productivity Paradox and How It May Be Affecting Your Team

Peak productivity is often an ultimate goal for most lean leaders and managers. Having a highly productive team means that your workers are completely efficient in their workflows — and that directly affects your company’s bottom line. But many obstacles can stand in the way of this height of efficiency. Whether it’s out-of-date technology, inefficient […]

How to Encourage Feedback From Your Employees on Your Own Performance

When you’re the boss in an organization, it’s sometimes difficult to collect honest feedback on your performance. But getting feedback is crucial for developing your leadership skills, further honing your management skills and improving business strategies. While feedback is integral for continuous improvement, it’s understandable why workers would be hesitant to offer their honest opinions. […]

Improving Management Accountability in Your Organization

One of the pervasive challenges for lean leaders and manager is fostering a culture of management accountability within your organization. Many managers may take pause at the idea of actively cultivating accountability amongst team members. Isn’t this concept intrinsic, an internal motivator workers either have or don’t? Believe it or not, managers can work to […]

Tips on Offering Constructive Criticism to Employees

Once of the most difficult challenges managers face is delivering constructive criticism (positive or negative) to their employees. Such feedback must be offered delicately and with respect, otherwise leaders risk losing any trust they’ve earned from their team members. But giving feedback is a necessary part of the feedback loop. Leaders need to offer guidance, […]

Earn Employee Trust With These 5 Steps

While a manager must juggle a multitude of tasks to be successful, one integral skill they must master early on is to earn the trust of their employees. However, this is no easy task to tick off your to-do list. Getting the respect and trust of your workers can go a long with when trying […]

The Seven Wastes of Service

While lean was originally conceived to streamline manufacturing processes, lean thinking can be applied across any industry. Lean is a set of principles that were originally concocted in the 1940s to improve workflows on the Toyota manufacturing floor. There are many documented successes when manufacturers have implemented lean practices to much success. But luckily, manufacturers […]

Top Qualities of a Bad Manager

You’ve likely heard the phrase: “The people make the place.” This is often particularly true when it comes to the workplace. Whether it’s working with competent colleagues or motivated managers, your co-workers can make or break a professional environment. But when it comes to leaders, not everyone in a management position possesses the qualities you’d […]