Better Together: Salesforce and Leankor

Some things just work so well together, it’s difficult to imagine them as separate entities. Now we can add Leankor and Salesforce to that list.

On its own, Leankor is a helpful visual workflow management system that uses Kanban cards to offer teams transparency and efficiency when managing projects. And because it works hand-in-hand with the Salesforce1 platform, the No. 1 customer relationship management platform in the market, Leankor is an even stronger tool for streamlining workflows and visually managing projects.

Leankor’s integrations to Salesforce’s clouds (their Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud and Chatter) also means you can visually manage sales, marketing and service operations all from the Leankor system. That means you can visually manage cases to close tasks and solve service issues quicker. Other modern features, such as Salesforce Chatter and full Salesforce integration, help managers across industries keep workflows lean and cut back on endless email churn and pointless meetings.

But those aren’t the only reasons Salesforce and Leankor are better together.

Direct Communication

Using the Salesforce1 platform’s Chatter feature, Leankor allows for direct discussion and targeted collaboration right on each Kanban card. Team members can message colleagues regarding any issues with a task, take a poll on potential solutions, post links and upload files. Because all the communications are stored in a single place, they’ll all travel through a project’s workflow without getting lost.

And because Leankor is accessible from any Internet browser, remote and on-site team members alike can participate and collaborate through Chatter.

Analytics Solutions

With Leankor’s integration with the Salesforce1 platform, users have access to an entire suite of customizable analytics at their fingertips. With all the data for each project saved on each Kanban card within the Leankor system, it’s simple to use that data to generate helpful reports.

Because Leankor is built on the world-class Salesforce1 platform, users have the ability to point, click and create any visual analytics to meet their business needs. From personal productivity to team productivity to project status reports, every team member can create highly visual charts graphing almost any type of data on personal or project performance. This provides teams additional transparency into each project, and can be turned into actionable data to streamline processes and workflows.

Getting In Sync

Many large organizations have employees scattered across the globe, so the ability to access real-time updates on a task is crucial.

The complete integration with the world’s top CRM platform means that Leankor can aggregate all that critical customer data stored in Salesforce all in one place. So when new data is entered into the Salesforce1 Platform, it can update the corresponding Kanban card in Leankor and vice versa. Teams can establish system rules to ensure a case status is automatically updated in Salesforce when its card is is updated or moved into another column.