Drive Customer-Centric B2B Telecom Projects with a Virtual Solution Focused on Innovative Management

Leankor increases customer satisfaction with more stable and profitable projects.

100% Native to Salesforce

Advance Your B2B Telecom Projects for Service Efficiency and Improved Margins

Today’s consumers are more tech savvy than ever and unparalleled industry disruptions have left them clamoring for more agile solutions. On account of this, when they need to secure telecom products for their enterprise, they expect higher quality, shorter installation cycles and reduced costs. With Leankor’s SaaS enterprise work and project management solution, B2B Telecom’s are empowered to develop scalable, repeatable and flexible processes by productively managing projects to ensure on-time delivery. In a dynamic, yet fluctuating, environment like Telecom, Leankor’s proven solutions are critical to meet a wide range of customer needs in a cost-effective way.

The impact? Leankor brings together your team, projects and customer data in real-time. This marrying of information and individuals increases revenue through accelerated delivery and customer satisfaction.

The Right Fit for Large-Scale Challenges of B2B Telecom Projects

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Elevate Your Innovation

Adopting a digital project management solution can generate cost savings, increase margins and reduce overhead. By using Leankor, Telecoms can shorten timelines through real-time management of their projects, people and priorities. Leankor allows Telecoms to redistribute time, resources and money into product innovation by fast-tracking their current projects.

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Utilize Data for Rapid Scaling

Assess real-time information into available resources and current workloads. Leankor’s up-to-date data allows for better planning and resource allocation, leading to quicker scalability and delivery. Enhanced delivery cycles can result in smarter pricing and lower costs.



Operate the Way You Perform Best

Link different operational and project methodologies as projects flow through teams. Leankor streamlines efficiencies by working the way you want to work. You can now easily interconnect styles, such as Kanban, Lean, Rolling Wave, Agile, Gantt, Waterfall, hybrid and more as you work.

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Unlock a 360 View of Your Projects and Teams
Gain real-time insight into every aspect of your projects and projects within projects. Leankor’s control tower dashboard view continually updates information from order to delivery. This gives executives the accurate information and transparency they need for critical decision making and accountability.

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Unite Individuals and Teams Anywhere – Any Time
Work from anywhere successfully through digital management of your Telecom projects. B2B Telecom teams often operate outside of a traditional office. Leankor offers the ability to virtually connect no matter where people are located, when that connection is essential.

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Deliver On-Time Peace of Mind
Achieve on-time delivery every time with improved business processes. Leankor is exclusively designed for the unique challenges in enterprise work and project management. Leankor’s solution streamlines B2B Telecom projects for consistent, outstanding results.

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Elevate Your Project Success for Customer Satisfaction

Revamp the management of your projects. Through personalized dashboards, individuals are able to share issues and information, plan activities, manage risks and agree on strategy changes as they happen.

Real-Time Data and Collaboration for Improved Scalability

“I started working with Leankor solely for project management. However, its become so much more for us. We track all of our projects, trouble tickets and sales using separate Leankor boards. Automated process flows allow us to streamline the set-up of our cards and projects. Our clients participate with their own logins and it has become a primary point of communications and status for our clients during our implementation process. I cannot say enough about the product or the people that support us.”  —Leankor Client

Expand Your Innovation.

Natively Built on Salesforce, Leankor Creates an Exceptional Digital Experience.

  • Collaborate Proactively
    Leankor’s cloud-based solution situates all users in the same place, analyzing the same information, no matter where they are in the world.
  • Utilize Intelligent Data
    Using the Salesforce platform, Leankor provides best in class applications like Tableau, Einstein Analytics and more, allowing you to generate the results you need.
  • Deliver Customer-Centric Experiences
    Leankor produces an optimal customer experience by centralizing and automating processes for on-time delivery.

Transform Your B2B Telecom Operations with a Solution Focused on Customer Deadlines

Ready to advance your B2B Telecoms operations to the next level? 

Enhance customer satisfaction, increase margins and innovate to scale with streamlined delivery cycles.


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