3 Time Management Tips for Busy Business Leaders

One of the biggest challenges modern business leaders face is juggling multiple projects and tasks at a time. The act of simply toggling back and forth between tasks can be time consuming in itself.

This is precisely why time management is such an integral concept for managers. Not only is it important to manage your own time in an efficient manner, but also facilitate good time management amongst your team members. Being more efficient with your time means you have more time dedicate to new tasks, reviewing previously completed projects to look for areas for improvement, and that boost in productivity can directly increase your company’s bottom line.

But how does a business leaders manage their time more efficiently? We’ve scoured the web to find the best time management tips to help stretched-thin managers be more efficient with their precious time.

Group Similar Tasks Together

When you’re putting together your to-do list (yes, you should have one of those), try to group similar tasks together and work on those in quick succession. What’s the reasoning behind this? When you move from one different task to another (i.e. going from making phone calls to writing a proposal), your brain has to switch gears. That inevitably takes time and energy.

But when you chunk together similar tasks, your brain doesn’t have to switch gears as much. You’re able to concentrate effectively through several tasks, and move efficiently from one project to the next.

Remove Distractions

We know you realistically can’t remove every possible interruption. Whether it’s team members popping by your office to ask a question, or an endless stream of meetings packing your schedule, office environments are a veritable minefield of distractions.

However, it is possible to block out chunks of time on your calendar where you hunker down to get things done. And it’s not a crime for you to close your door for a given number of hours each day to give a clear indication to your team that you’re not to be disturbed unless it’s necessary.

Schedule Breaks

This may sound silly, but if you block out time in your daily schedule for breaks, you’re much more likely to actually take them. Don’t have time for a 10-minute stretch break? Actually, taking regular breaks rejuvenates you and can help you be far more productive than if you attempt to work eight (or more) hours straight.