Visualize your Workflow

Do everything all in the same visual workspace reducing e-mail churn and ineffective meetings

Collaborate with Your Team

Contributors can discuss workflow, share insights and contribute files within each digital sticky note, keeping all communications organized

Measure and Improve

Measure the success of your projects and use continuous improvement, to decrease costs and improve productivity

Why You Need Leankor


  • My teams aren’t collaborating well enough together, negatively impacting critical hand-offs.
  • We are losing valuable time and money due to lack of visibility on project work.
  • My remote teams don’t feel as connected to critical processes, negatively impacting performance.
  • I need to track and analyze project metrics more effectively to improve product quality.

Leankor Solution

  • Leankor’s easy to use digital sticky notes and real time collaboration improves team effectiveness.
  • Projects are completed with more accountability and less waste using end to end visual workflow tools.
  • Leankor makes it easy for everyone on the team, regardless of location, to see and update project status anywhere, anytime with any mobile device.
  • With configurable dashboards that provide the right data at a glance, everyone on the team can get the metrics that are important, to make better decisions.

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EmilioLeankor: Visualize, Collaborate, Measure and Improve