Solar, Telecom and Manufacturing are only a few industries where we have helped companies with their work management.  Leankor can also help you deliver more customer projects, in less time for less money, to find a solution that fits your business and/or industry, Click Here

What we do...

Built on the #1 platform in the world: Salesforce

Confidently succeed faster with your customer focused project delivery Get enterprise class security, seamless integration to your customer data, and real time visibility into your data.

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The Leankor Difference

One Single Source of Truth

By linking Salesforce and project delivery data, companies are able to have “One Source of Truth” for all customer related data.

Innovative Hybrid Solution

Allow the actual work behind project delivery to drive the real timelines for your business instead of relying on educated guesses.

Experts in Work Management

Allow our decades of Enterprise Work Management experience to direct your business towards the right way to deliver customer projects.

Take charge of your business with enterprise work management software that drives real results.